8fold Link is the home of applications created by 8fold practitioners for users to learn, grow, and communicate.

Get in on the ground floor.

We're taking requests for future invitations. When we're ready, we will invite at least one person per quarter to register with 8fold Link and begin using the applications.

Each registered user (this may be you), will also be able to invite one person per quarter.

We only collect information required by the action you're performing.

We only store information required repeatedly by our applications and with your consent.

Joyful products and services not "a better ad experience."

No algorithms. No ads. No bullshit.

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No more than once a month, we send out the 8fold inCrease (our newletter) and an invitation to register for 8fold Link to no more than five people who pre-regester for an account.

Follow the link to sign up for 8fold inCrease, 8fold Link, or both.

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